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Keeping You in Good Health



When it comes to the important matter of your foot health, you shouldn’t settle for anything but the best. Synergy Podiatry Group offers personalised foot care for fast and trustworthy results. Corns, callus and hard skin, thick or hard nails, or any other general foot care, we cover it all, so you dont need to. We accept HICAPS private health fund claiming, EPC/CDM plans, and DVA/Defence patients. For all bookings, call us on 02 42323513



Foot pain can affect anyone, at any age. Sports podiatry focuses on identifying the source and cause of the pain, and can provide you with a customised treatment and rehabilitation plan to keep your feet feeling better, longer. Whether it be heel pain first thing in the morning, tightness in your ankles, calf and/or shin pain, or just tired and aching feet and arches, a personalised treatment plan will assist in reducing your pain. We use a wide range of treatment modalities, including massage, fascial release, foot mobilisation therapy, stretching, strengthening, dry needling, and many others. Our sports podiatry clinics provide longer appointments, allowing a thorough assessment, and further time disussing with you the best course of treatment. Don't let sore feet bring you down. For bookings, call us on  0242323513



At Synergy Podiatry Group, we choose to use only the best for our patients. Our "Synergy Orthotics" are custom designed and manufactured by us right here in Kiama. Using 3D scanning technology, and the most sophisticated orthotic CADCAM software, we are able to design and manufacture simply the best and most comfortable orthotic you will ever wear. Gone are the days of thick, rigid orthotics which forced your feet into uncomfortable shapes, and were difficult to fit into shoes. Synergy Orthotics work WITH your body, encouraging movement and efficiency of all joints of the feet. The thin, flexible design allows for greater fitment in most shoes, and we can also tailor your orthotic for any sport. Our Synergy Golf Orthotics are something we are especially proud of, with our unique design one-of-a-kind, and we believe to be a world first. If you have tried orthotics in the past, with little success, give our orthotics a go, and feel Synergised. For more information, call us on 02 42323513


We all know that children aren't "one size fits all". This goes with their feet as well. If your child is having trouble walking, tripping when running, or if you have noticed them walking on their toes, their feet turning in/out, or their arches collapsing, we can provide a "child friendly" treatment plan to help them grow and develop with healthy feet and legs. We offer appointments after school hours, and Saturday mornings also. For appointments, call us on 0242323513


Have you been experiencing painful or infected ingrown nails? Synergy Podiatry Group can provide simple, yet effective treatment of this painful ailment. Whilst most ingrowns can be treated non-surgically, we also offer a permanent solution for those stubborn nails that refuse to grow properly. For more information, or to make an appointment, call us on 02 42323513


Good foot health with diabetes is important in maintaining a good overall health. The feet are often one of the first places where any diabetes-related issues may be detected. A thorough diabetic foot health assessment will look at both your vascular (blood supply/circulation) and your neurological (feeling/sensation) systems, and should be performed half-yearly, or yearly, depending on your current health. If you have diabetes, and haven't had your feet checked, call us on 02 42323513

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